Lightroom MOD APK V9.4.3 (Premium Unlocked) 2024 Download

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Adobe Lightroom MOD APK premium unlocked is one of the best editing app for Android. Free Download Lightroom MOD APK latest version 2024.

Lightroom APK info

What is Adobe Lightroom APK?

No matter how well you capture a Photo or Video with your Android device, if you don’t edit it up to the mark, all your hard work will be useless. So, for better editing, you need the best editing software. When talking about photo editing, the first name that comes to your mind is Adobe. Previously, Adobe was known for its Photoshop software. 

In 2007, Adobe created a Photo and Video editor application known as Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic. Users can capture and edit their photos and videos for free with useful editing tools like Masking, Healing, special filters, outstanding presets, and more.

In short, Adobe Lightroom provides powerful/ luxury editing features like image organizer, Asset storage, stunning preset, reel creation, color tuning, object adjustment, and background removal. It also has a camera application with a great collection of filters. Its user-friendly interface helps beginners and professional photographers customize their pictures as they want.    


What is Lightroom MOD APK?

As you know, adobe Lightroom is free, and you can get it from the Google Play Store, but nearly 70% of its features are free. All its premium features are locked. To unlock premium features, you have to buy its different subscription plans. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a subscription, then you need Lightroom MOD APK.

 Lightroom premium MOD APK is the modified version of Lightroom photo & video editor where you can get all Adobe Lightroom APK Pro features unlocked and totally free.

 Lightroom MOD is the APK file that developers modify for Android users. With this modification, all those pro features that you can only use on PC are now available for Mobile users as well. After Installing Adobe Lightroom CC MOD APK, you can enjoy all advanced tools without paying any price. This app’s easy-to-operate interface can enhance your editing skills to a professional level, especially for beginners.

Benefits of Lightroom MOD APK

  • No login requires
  • No Ads ( Ads Free)
  • 250+Powerful presets unlocked
  • All Premium / Paid features unlocked
  • Image import errors are fixed
  • HD quality export
  • Export speed improved
  • Duplicate files removed
  • Irrelevant files removed
  • Well-optimized for fast load
  • Debugging error fixed
  • Lag issue resolved
  • AOSP Compatible
  • Crash error fixed
  • Easy to Operate
  • Crash reports/ Analytics/ Firebase disabled
  • Well Organized storage
  • JPG, PNG, Webp, etc. compression applied
  • Unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services are Disabled
  • Optimized and zip-aligned graphics and cleaned resources for faster Speed


Filters and Presets

This app offers 250+ presets and filters, which is the most popular feature of Lightroom APK. Users have access to a set of pre-adjusted frameworks from the top photographers. To take your photos to the next level, you just have to add your picture, apply these parameters, and take them to the next level.

You can also try multiple filters on your photos and videos at a time, make your own presets, and save these settings to edit more pictures and videos in no time.   

Perfect Photo & Video Editor

Lightroom APK is one of the best editing apps available on the Google Play Store. With the help of this app’s powerful and easy-to-use editing tools, photographers can convert ordinary photographs to professional photos and enhance their quality with a few clicks.

You have to add your captured image and video to this app and apply premade filters for fast editing. You can also edit your photos manually by applying unlimited combinations of filters, effects, texture, shadow, highlights, sharpness, brightness, and re-size, as well as by using advanced editing tools in Adobe Lightroom. 

Here is a list of some state-of-the-art editing tools of Lightroom

  • Masking
  • Radial Filter
  • Spot Removal
  • Linear Gradient
  • Develop Module
  • Selective Editing
  • Luminance Range
  • Advance Color Adjustment

Healing Brush and Clone

With these premium tools, you can create magic by comfortably erasing unwanted elements and distractions. You can change the size of your brush according to the size of the object, highlight the object with your finger, and remove it. 

To heal your photo by just brushing the targeted area, lightroom borrows the texture from a source in your photo to blend with the color and tone of your brushed area. 

Clone allows you to move any object from one place to another in the picture; copy the element and paste it where you want. 

Color Gradient

 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers another remarkable feature: color gradient. This allows you to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your photo and video by adding color tints to the shadows, midtones, and highlights. You can choose colors from 1600 preset gradient plates. With the target adjustment tool, tap and drag on the image to adjust Hue, Saturation, and Luminance with your fingertip.

AI-Powered Pro Camera App

Lightroom offers Android users a pro-level AI-powered camera with all the luxury features that turn your device into a high-level camera. With its built-in camera, users can capture their stuff and adjust its brightness, color, and focus with the help of AI.

This feature also allows you to capture with High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode, which controls the darkness and brightness of the scene and offers a more realistic picture. Users can edit raw photos and videos by inserting numerous filters and presets, and they can conveniently export them in HD quality with the excellent gold interface of this app.

Video Editor And Reels Maker

Social media lovers have good news: creating and sharing reels and short videos is now as easy as ABC. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is not only a photo editing app but also a strong video editor and reel maker.

You can easily crop, trim, retouch, merge video clips, and adjust the audio level of your videos. Moreover, users can express their creative skills by adding filters, presets, effects, and transitions and tuning colors, brightness, contrast, and sharpness to their videos. For better user experience and content presentation, you can export your videos in reel format. 

Cloud Storage

Another vital feature of Lightroom APK is its 100GB of cloud storage, where you can store your edited and raw data, align them in albums to manage web galleries and share them with other cloud users for their help. 

 All the photos and videos you import to this app can automatically be synchronized with your cloud storage. If you want to change devices, you can easily transfer your data to another device and continue your work in the blink of an eye.  

The only issue with cloud storage is the size of the available space, which depends upon your subscription plan. If you exceed your available limit, you have to renew the package or use the storage sparingly.

Image Organization

Image Organizer is another valuable feature of Lightroom, which manages all your images and videos with its catalog system. This cataloging system separates raw images from edited images.

 For example, when you make changes to the raw image by applying filters and effects, adjusting colors, and even rotating the image, all the changes are saved in the database, and the main file remains uncooked so that you can reuse the original file. This is also known as non-destructive editing

There are some options to organize images in lightroom mentioned below:

  • Geotagging
  • Library Module
  • By Tagging Keywords
  • Sort by Time and Date
  • Create albums and folders

Synchronize Cross Device

With your Adobe Creative cloud storage, you can link your data to your other device. Lightroom also enables cross-device synchronization, which helps you work remotely. For example, if you are editing on your Android device and want to move to a PC or MAC, you can continue your work from where you stop editing with the help of cloud storage.

To sync complete changes, you need an Lr premium account. With a gratis account, your images and presets do not sync correctly. So, subscribe to the premium plan to avoid data loss.

Adobe Sensei

Since AI strengthened its presence, Adobe also amazed Lightroom users after adding Adobe Sensi to the Lightroom family. Adobe Sensi is an AI-powered feature that helps users analyze data, empower smart editing and consistent workflow, and recommend perfect filters and presets for their pictures.

Simple Interface

If you are a beginner or need to improve at photo editing, this app is for you because the layout of Lightroom apk is very user-friendly. With its simple interface, this app is equally beneficial for both professionals and newbies.

  When you install the app and open it for the first time, users are guided through all the features, which helps them understand the layout and usage of the tools. Even a beginner can start working quickly and become an ace of photo and video editing, shaping their work to have a professional look. 

Lightroom MOD APK Features

Premium Unlocked

Adobe Lightroom offers a number of impressive features for free, but many pro features of this app are locked, and user can’t use them without a premium subscription—spending money. Lightroom MOD APK has all the premium features unlocked. With its modified version, you can utilize 100% premium features even not cost a penny. Just download Lightroom MOD APK and follow the installation guidelines.

Presets Unlocked

  Lightroom subscribers are enjoying 250+ premium presets, which are adjusted by well-known photographers. Do you want these numerous presets unlocked for free? Don’t worry! With lightroom mod apk, you can also use these effective presets without paying a penny. You can effectively add these pre-customized presents to your videos and photos and enhance their aesthetic beauty. You can also buy presets online from other sources and add them to your images.  

No Login Required

With the modified version of this app, users do not need to create an account; users can conveniently jump into a photo editing project without any login and start their work.


When asked to Log in, press the “X” sign at the top corner of the screen to avoid logging in. Lightroom MOD APK is ready to use.

No Ads

There are many free editing apps with raining Ads. You can’t edit your pictures uninterruptedly; you have to watch or skip the Advertisement to continue your work. But another benefit of Lightroom modified version is that it is totally free from all sorts of Ads. You can speed up your work without any Ads disturbance.

High Quality Export

When users edit their photos with a free version of this app, add filter presets, and adjust brightness and color, all their hard work vanishes when the app permits them to save photos only in low quality. The premium version of Lightroom allows the user to export their pictures in HD quality, so all the changes remain intact for a better user experience.

No Watermark

The free version of this app provides images with watermarks only. However, the pro version of Lightroom MOD APK allows users to customize the watermark on their photos and videos. Users can choose to add their own watermark or export without any watermark. 

Secure and Free

All the ifs and buts about the security point of view of this app are sorted by the developers. All the bugs and crash errors are fixed perfectly now, so you can carry out your work without any hesitation and free of cost with Lr MOD APK.


System Requirements for Lr MOD APK for Android

Minimum Requirements

Recommended Specifications


2 GB


2 GB


200 MB


350 MB


1920 X 1080


2560 X 1440


2Quad Core



Operating System

Android 6.0 and up

Operating System

Android 8.0 and up

How to Download and Install Lightroom MOD APK ?

Step 1:

Go to the top of this page, click on the Download APK button to Download Lightroom MOD APK.

Free download Lightroom mod apk step 1

Step 2:

From mobile settings, Allow install apps from unknown sources.

Lightroom mod apk installation step 2

Step 3:

Press the “Install” button, and installation is completed.

adobe lightroom mod apk latest version v9.3.0 install step 3

Step 4:

Click on the Open button to access the latest version of Lightroom APK.

lr mod apk premium unlocked open process

Step 5:

 Press the “X” sign at the top corner of the screen to avoid login, Lightroom MOD APK 2024 is ready to use.

press cross to free use lightroom mod apk pro unlocked

How to Use Lightroom MOD APK for Better Experience?

Picture of Step by step guidance How to Use Lightroom APK for Better Experience.

What’s New in Lightroom Version 9.4.3 ?

(Updated on July 22, 2024)

Here is the comparison between the latest version of Adobe Lightroom APK and the old version after the update.

  • New full support for the latest cameras and lenses.
  • Apply seven pre-designed one-tap adaptive presets to automatically blur the background, enhancing the focus on your subject.
  • With Generative Remove, which is currently in early access and powered by Firefly, you can easily delete any object, even from busy backgrounds.
  • Enhanced stability and optimization performance by bug fixing to provide a smoother experience.
  • To improve user experience, the Speed of thumbnail loading, subject selection and, sky in masking, and image export has been increased.
  • Fixed bugs and errors related to libraries are fixed for better performance.
  • Upgrade menu and navigation for easy access to albums for faster editing.
  • The blur effect is now directly powered by AI.

Download Lightroom MOD APK Latest Version 9.4.3

Lightroom MOD APK logo for H2

Lightroom MOD APK Pros and Cons



  • Use perfect filters and presets for pictures using AI
  • Instantly edit your photos in just a few taps
  • All premium features and tools are unlocked in Lightroom MOD APK
  • NO Subscription is required for the Lr mod apk version
  • Adobe Community Help
  • Once the photo is open in LR, there is no option to save it for edit later
  • The cropping experience is less smoother

Alternatives of Adobe Lightroom

Here are some alternate mobile apps of Adobe Lightroom Lite for Photo & Video editing in 2024.

  1. Alight motion
  2. Capcut
  3. Picstar
  4. Snapseed
  5. Kinemaster

Adobe Lightroom for PC/Windows

You can also use Adobe photoshop Lightroom software on your PC with help of BlueStacks Emulator for more details click on Below Button.

Adobe Lightroom for iPhone

Apple users can also get Lightroom app for iPhone, iPad Mac, and MacBook. For complete guidance go to below link.


If you download Lightroom from the Google Play Store, only 70% of its features are free to use; to use other premium features, you need to buy a subscription plan.

NO, Lr mod APK is completely free to use.

Download Lightroom MOD APK from the website and enjoy all the premium features for free

You don’t need to create an account; click on “X” at the top of the screen to avoid logging in.

You need an Android device with 4 GB RAM and 8.0 and above Android system.

Yes, Light room MOD APK is an entirely virus- and error-free app that is secure to use.

Yes, you can edit both photos and videos through this app.

Alightmotion, Capcut, Snapseed, Picstar, VSCO, and Capture One are some alternatives to Lightroom.

Yes, with its king feature! With a healing brush, you can easily select and remove unwanted elements from your photos. 


Here is the final verdict about Adobe Lightroom, one of the best editing apps in 2024. The premium version of this app is paid, But we solved this problem and gave you a solution: how to use its modded version with all the pro features and VIP tools unlocked without spending any money.

I hope you found this article on our website very helpful. You have already installed a modified version of Lightroom APK 2024 and are flourishing your editing skills. For more updates and information, stay connected with us and visit our website.